Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez, Executive Director and Board Member

As an executive director, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez has had to develop his skills over years of education and career growth. He knew before he could begin his career, he had to get a business education. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business and majored in Entrepreneurial studies as well as a concentration in economics from Babson College in Wellesley, MA. He also is a graduate from Stonier Graduate School of Banking from the American Bankers Association. Once his education was complete, he entered the business world.

One of the roles he maintained was an executive director at Grupo Eiffel. As an executive director, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez was actively involved in supervising all administrative and financial issues for the company. The company executed over 14,000 units in Venezuela and worked on housing developments in both Trinidad and Tobago in a joint venture with local investors and developers during the time that he was on the executive staff. Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez managed Grupo, the family business. Grupo Eiffel was founded over 40 years ago and has over 1,400 employees.

In addition to his career, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez has also served on many boards including but not limited to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee for BanPro Banco Universal as well as the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee for Corporacion Industrial Montana, the Board of Directors for Condinca, and the Board of Directors for the “Federación Venezolana de Entidades de Ahorro y Préstamo.”

Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez Overcomes Adversity

Overcoming adversity and working hard to achieve success are ideas that Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez lives by and has utilized throughout his career. In 2005, he was kidnapped in Venezuela by a sophisticated organization related to economic and political groups. He remained in captivity for nine months while the bank he managed was under a hostile takeover. After that experience, he continued to work hard and manage as an executive director in such a fashion that would lead the company, Grupo Eiffel to continue to be successful.
Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez’s plight does not stop there though. Only five years later, in 2010, he was forced to flee his country and move to the United States after the Venezuelan regime unleashed criminal attacks to over 300 real estate companies in the country. That didn’t discourage him from still continuing to develop his career and move forward.
He is now a managing member of Green Hill Capital, LLC. With over eighteen years of experience as a real estate investor and operator, Jorge Andres Azpurua Ramirez is able to serve his company well in his responsibilities of approving all the firm’s commitments. During his career, he has been involved in multiple real estate developments and managed mortgage portfolios in the $100 million range. He has also served on a multitude of boards such as BanPro Banco Universal, Corporacion Venezuela, Condinca, and Federación Venezolana.